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Stop Scam Mail

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Has your senior parent, family member or friend been receiving mail compelling them to write a small check for a game of chance, charity or sweepstakes prize?

Are you receiving huge quantities of enticing "junk" mail yourself?

Deceptive mailing practice have risen to epidemic levels. Companies are targeting and making millions off of unsuspecting seniors. As our senior citizens are struggling to survive in todays unsettling economic times, there are more and more predators out there trying to make a living off of these wonderful folks. It is time to take some affirmative action against these predators and protect our loved ones. 

Welcome to your source to Drastically Reduce the volume of unwanted mail being sent to your elderly loved ones.

Unwanted mail reduction is offered at several different levels:

Option 1:  Advice Only – Advice on this subject  as well as informational web links are offered for free.  Just click on the Advice and Information link in the header panel.  Please note that while the basics of how to do this are offered at no charge, any and all donations to help keep this site operational are appreciated.

Option 2: Do It Yourself – We will provide you with a printed copy of the names and addresses of the mailing companies we have compiled and used successfully as well as a sample letter you can use to send your own letters to these folks asking them to stop sending mail to your loved one.

Option 3: We handle it – We take care of the generation and mailing of the required letters for your loved one.

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